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Sweetland's Atréju
red-silver cl.tabby white
Diabolo of Wapi Yo
black smoke
Ch. Allure's Midnight Blue
blue mc. tabby
Int. Ch. Deleware Chakotay
Allure's Bijou
Ch. El-Carisma Palace of Winds
black tortie smoke
Ch. Klaas Coon's J.R.
Int. Ch. Melody Maker Cheyenne
red silver shaded
Snakevalleys Arielle
red tabby cl. white
Ch. Sladge of Nightingale
red classic tabby
Int. Ch. Al Capone of Chamberlain
red-silver-tabby classic
Pearly Pat of Nightingale
red-tabby classic
Shaggy Bandits Belly Dance
black mc. torbie white
Ch. Int Summerplace´s Pascha of Shaggy Bandit´s
Ch. Shaggy Bandit´s Mai-Lin
red-tabby classic white
Woodshadows Medusa
Ch. Macavity Black Panther
Gr.Int.Ch. Macavity Calypso
red classic tabby / white
Gr.Int.Ch. Virginia's Madison
brown classic tabby
Ch. Monashees Firefoot
brown classic torbie / white
Macavity Tiffany
silver mackerel torbie
McKittycreek Geoffrey
brown mackerel tabby
Ch. Macavity Harmony
black tortie smoke
SSL Skyfire
blue classic torbie
Ch. Tanstaafl Copper Penny of SSL
red classic tabby
SGC Calicoon Sherman
brown classic tabby
Hoosiercoon's Kari of Tanstaafl
brown classic torbie
SSL Sweet Luna
blue tortie ( gen. smoke )
Euro Ch. Maineguard's Pumba of SSL
cream silver classic tabby
Ch. Dawncats Lady Guenevere of SSL
brown classic tabby
Stammbaum der Verpaarung von Sweetland's Atréju und Woodshadows Medusa